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Managed Security

We’ll help you develop and implement the right cybersecurity policies and protocols to keep your firm secure and in compliance with regulatory guidance

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We’re here to manage your firm’s IT activity, safeguarding the integrity of your infrastructure and devices, so you don’t have to

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Wonder why your company’s computers run slower some days than others? Or why your internet slows down every day at a certain time—or at completely unpredictable times?

If you’re running an RIA, these issues are especially frustrating because in the office, everything is supposed to work properly! Worst of all…issues always seem to arise when you really need to get something done quickly. Right? You get frustrated. Employees get frustrated. And you can’t seem to get a clear answer about how to fix it. Today, we’d like to provide some insight.


First, think of everything that’s relying on your network.

Start with everyone’s (work) computers, plus all of their personal wireless devices (tablets, iPhones, smart watches). Besides checking email and doing work, employees might be watching You Tube or fantasy football, streaming music or Netflix—or downloading apps and updates. Now consider: What other wireless devices are connected? Do you have a wireless security camera or backup drive? Wireless printers? Are you streaming Bloomberg News all day on the company TV? This type of high-demand environment is exactly where network overload occurs.


Two pieces make up the shovel that is your internet connection:

  1. There are (upload and download) speeds associated with wi-fi. If your internet network is a shovel, think of this as how fast you’re shoveling.
  2. There is also a certain amount of bandwidth. Bandwidth has to do with how many people can use your wireless network at one time. Think of this as the width of the shovel.


Just want internet that works—when you and your employees need it?

At RightSize Solutions, this is an issue we resolve often. Our customized solutions for clients often include the following considerations:

  • Assess the network burden. Everything on the network is draining the network. Like we said, if there are devices that are running on your network by default (like wireless security cameras, backup drives or virus scans)—a burden already exists on the network before any users connect. Things you might not be aware of can be using lots of bandwidth.
  • More bandwidth is not always the answer. Sometimes, buying more bandwidth (or making the shovel wider) is the right solution—but not usually. Even though it can be fairly inexpensive, oftentimes adding more bandwidth doesn’t accomplish anything. Depending on pent-up demand, new bandwidth might just instantly get used up and you’ll still be experiencing the same issues.
  • Divide networks or add a guest network. Sometimes sub-dividing networks is part of the ideal solution. It can allow the most important needs to have untethered access. Things like security, disaster recovery, and quick-access to work are essential to doing business efficiently!
  • Consider setting up policies. Sometimes implementing policies can throttle excess activity and free-up bandwidth. We have worked with many clients to set up various policies in order to maximize their budgets while keeping employees happy.

The internet should work for you and your needs, whenever you need it. At RightSize Solutions, we’ll make sure it does. We will diagnose and resolve your specific internet problems—so everyone can do their jobs well—while ensuring that you are spending money most-efficiently.

Want to see how we work? Schedule a free tech assessment here.

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