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PHOENIX, Ariz. (Aug. 24, 2021)—Adopt Technologies, a Phoenix-based information technology company, has made Inc. magazine’s list of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in America for the fourth consecutive year. This milestone marks an impressive achievement by any standard following a tumultuous year for many businesses.

Last year, the global pandemic pushed the MSP industry into the spotlight like never before. All businesses had to react quickly to move their office-based workers to work-from-home environments, and MSPs like Adopt Technologies played a critical role. In fact, when a number of its clients struggled due to significant restrictions or shutdowns as a result of the pandemic, Adopt Technologies shored up its cash flow and was able to financially assist those clients for multiple months of the year by significantly reducing, discounting, or delivering pro bono services to help those struggling businesses through it all. Adopt was able to show the value it brings to a partnership with its clients beyond cloud solutions and managed IT services. Adopt cares about its clients deeply and is willing to get in the trenches with them when times get tough. Despite those efforts to come alongside heavily impacted clients, Adopt grew its revenue in 2020 by twenty-four percent (24%) and expects to grow another seventeen percent (17%) in 2021. Adopt continued hiring through the pandemic, and in 2021 Adopt has already grown its workforce by 25%.

With its culture of continuous improvement, Adopt invests heavily in training staff, enhancing internal systems and processes, and increasing the value and ROI on the services its clients derive through the services and consultation they leverage Adopt Technologies for.

According to Brett Helgeson, President, CEO & Managing Partner, a significant reason for Adopt’s recognition is the forward-thinking approach it takes to understand trends and how they will impact businesses on the information technology and cyber threat fronts.

According to Helgeson, much of the company’s success can be attributed to a philosophy of honest and transparent business practices in an industry known for complicated tech speak and IT executives heavy on industry knowledge but light on business strategy.

Since taking the helm at Adopt Technologies, Helgeson has presided over an impressive evolution, growing its revenue by over 1,500 percent and increasing its contracted monthly recurring revenue (CMRR) by over 1,600 percent during his tenure. Most importantly, Adopt is well on the way to realizing its vision of becoming both a destination employer and IT partner.

The company provides managed IT services for small and medium-sized businesses with 700 or fewer computer-using employees and specializes in delivering cloud computing services on its own cloud platform (hosted desktops, servers, software, and data). Adopt has a team of incredibly talented technology experts and has always desired full control and accountability at all levels for its cloud platform and the hosted or traditional IT services it delivers, which isn’t possible with some of the larger cloud platforms its competitors resell. Employees of Adopt Technologies assist clients in migrating from traditional servers to their cloud platform. This platform was enormously valuable for Adopt’s clients whose workforces needed to deploy to remote working environments for thousands of users almost overnight.

“Navigating the pandemic has been stressful and challenging for Adopt and its clients, as well as businesses in pretty much every industry. I am so proud of our team and the dedication and perseverance everyone has shown during these challenging times. Making sure we are always there to support our team and clients is foundational to who we are. We genuinely care, and I feel that tough times are when an organization and its leaders show their true colors. I am proud to say that Adopt Technologies has risen to the occasion, as I knew we would.” said Helgeson.

Transparency as a business philosophy is a priority, and Adopt practices it through the client acquisition process and beyond. Adopt’s team evaluates infrastructure, third-party contracts, software solutions, security and other determinants to find the best approach to help clients reach productivity and efficiency goals, as well as create the right mix of technology to support business goals and growth strategies.

Fast Facts:

  • 43% of business owners say implementing new technology is the number one challenge to their growth, according to a study by Salesforce in 2020.
  • 81% of all enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy already laid out or in the works. (IBM)
  • The average employee uses 30+ cloud-based apps daily (Sky-high).
  • 82% of the workload resides in the cloud. (Forbes)
  • 80% of companies report operational improvements within the first few months of adopting the cloud. (Microsoft)
  • 94% of businesses saw significant online security improvements after moving to a cloud-based platform.

Taking the mystery and angst out of IT for business owners is the hallmark of the company.. Clients of Adopt Technologies are not locked into long, difficult-to-navigate contracts. Every client pays month-to-month and can change or cancel at any time. As a result, and because Adopt Technologies strives to prove its value month in and month out, almost none of them cancel. 70% of Adopt’s clients have been with them for more than three years and 50% over 5 years (with many over a decade). Adopt has positive end-user churn due to client rarely going elsewhere, new client acquisition, and the growth of existing clients. It also boasts a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 76, which is considered world class and outpaces the technology industry by a minimum of 20% or more based on multiple industry metrics.

Among its many recent awards, the most impressive include Forbes List of Top Management Consulting Firms two years in a row as well as industry awards for leadership, business growth, and customer service excellence. For a complete list of awards, see the “About Adopt Technologies” section below.

The company is headquartered in Phoenix and provides managed IT services, 24/7 help desk support, cloud computing migrations, services and support, cybersecurity, data recovery, security education, and training and IT consulting services. They support thousands of users and have blocked billions of vulnerabilities boasting an always available Arizona-based help desk. For more information, visit www.adopttechnologies.com or call 1-844-335-0053. For interviews, contact Tony Felice at 480-567-6890.

About Adopt Technologies

Founded in 2004, Adopt Technologies is a Phoenix, AZ-based Cloud Solutions Provider delivering cloud computing solutions, migrations, IT strategy and solutions consulting, enhanced cybersecurity services, traditional IT management, and 24/7/365 at-your-beck-and-call technical support desk services. The company has experienced rapid and well-managed growth, outperforming projections every year since 2012 by introducing innovation and personalized service to an industry known for frustration and confusion for business owners. Adopt’s leaders are business experts with a deep knowledge of IT rather than tech people with no knowledge of how business is run. The company boasts an amazing array of awards and distinctions. Adopt is recognized as one of the Best IT Strategy Management Consulting Firms in America by Forbes Magazine (2020 & 2021) and the only company in Arizona to make the most recent list; it won an AZ Business Magazine Most Admired Company Award in 2020 and 2021; Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in America (2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021); ASU Sun Devil 100 fastest-growing company (4 years in a row and counting); as well as CRN’s MSP 500 List 3 years in a row (FastGrowth 150 list in 2020 and Pioneer 250 list in 2019 and 2021). In March of 2021, IT Services Report also named Brett Helgeson as one of the 25 Best IT CEOs in America. In April 2021, Adopt won the Best Technology Company Customer Service Award by Business Intelligence. In 2020 Adopt received SOC 2 Type II compliance attestation for its cloud platform and IT systems and processes by The Lazarus Alliance, a leading Phoenix-based Cyber Security firm. The audit affirms Adopt’s strict internal security and organizational controls in order to meet the rigorous SOC 2 standards.

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