Welcome to Visory

RightSize Solutions is now part of Visory

We have joined forces with True North Networks to bring enterprise-level technology solutions and support to RIAs, accounting firms and others.

Welcome to Visory

True North Networks is now part of Visory

We have joined forces with RightSize Solutions to bring enterprise-level technology solutions and support to RIAs, accounting firms and others.  

Welcome to Visory

Swizznet is now Visory

Our parent company name has changed, but our hosting services, solutions and Obsessive Support® have not. 

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Accounting and finance professionals face an increasing variety of challenges around managing organizational processes. Manual approaches to workflow can waste valuable time. Operations are often disjointed, leading to inconsistent practices, erroneous information, and duplicate or inaccurate documentation. As their organizations grow, outmoded accounting practices create a bottleneck in that expansion.

New technology promises to replace outdated processes with consistent, accurate, integrated workflows. These technologies include cloud-hosted versions of your favorite accounting software, along with an array of apps that streamline your workflows. Swizznet’s Sage integrations are one such solution. Swizznet Sage cloud hosting delivers the same Sage software you know and love, and offers seamless integrations with the most popular and useful apps.

Let’s explore the top Sage add-ons you can integrate using Swizznet cloud-hosted Sage.

Cloud Services

Combining Sage and your favorite apps with deployment on a public or hybrid cloud gives you enterprise-grade technology with scale, capacity, and world-class security. Swizznet enables Sage integration with Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and INAP, giving you the power of choice in where you deploy your mission-critical apps.

Google Cloud Platform: Google Cloud Platform complies with HIPAA, PCI, and SOC and has data centers around the world. Its flexible machine and storage sizes mean it’s a great option for organizations with up to 10 users.

Microsoft Azure: Azure comes with enterprise-grade compliance and security, and is a great choice for larger enterprises. It provides great value for full SQL core licensing and makes platinum discovery recovery available.

Internap: INAP provides managed hybrid cloud services that deliver optimized, flexible, and reliable solutions. Its intelligent networking and modern data centers help companies run workloads with high uptime, low latency, and fully customizable options not possible with the public clouds.

Financial Apps

Cohesion for Restaurants: A powerful workflow solution that goes beyond integrating the point-of-sale (POS) system. Cohesion for Restaurants organizes, audits, and integrates all types of financial transactions into your financial and payroll systems.

SAP Concur: A travel and expense solution that manages the entire travel and expense process in a cloud-based application. SAP Concur allows you to approve and book flights, capture receipts, keep track of your itinerary, and more.

Productivity Apps

Congistics Corp: Congistics’ scheduling product, ControlBoard®, is a complete construction project management system that replaces legacy whiteboards and spreadsheets with interactive, drag-and-drop digital whiteboards. This allows users to view and modify timesheets, locate and dispatch resources, and send updates to all team members, in real-time from the field.

MyAssistant for Sage Timberline Office: A proactive reporting Sage add-on for Sage 300 CRE (formerly Sage Timberline Office). Think of it as a personal assistant that takes Sage to the next level. It comes with 300 pre-built rules around alerts, insurance compliance, payroll, and more. You can build your own rules to automate follow-ups, reports, spreadsheets, and other critical business processes.

Office 365: Office 365 takes the Microsoft productivity suite to the cloud, so you can collaborate on Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other familiar Microsoft apps from anywhere. Integrating Office 365 with Sage on the cloud gives you business-class email, shared calendars, web conferencing, and access to the most up-to-date documents in a secure digital environment.

Data Integration

DBSync: DBSync gets your application data in sync. It manages data across leading CRM, finance, ERP, and eCommerce apps, along with SQL and NoSQL databases, so you know you’re working with the most up-to-date data in your ecosystem.

Event 1 Software: Event 1 offers business reporting and data management based in Microsoft Excel. By integrating Excel with your databases, Event 1 transforms Excel into an interactive tool for designing and running reports.

Payroll Apps

Paychex: An all-in-one payroll solution that integrates HR administration, retirement, and insurance management. Its online dashboard is a one-stop shop for all reports related to payroll, time cards, and HR.

Paycom: Paycom allows on-the-go payroll functions and reporting so managers and employers can access important documents anywhere. Its robust reporting capabilities include pre-made reports as well as customized reports.

Paylocity: Paylocity is a comprehensive HR platform that allows payroll, benefits, talent, and workforce management in an easy-to-use console. It’s known for its easy-to-use interface, extensive knowledge center, and dedicated customer support.

TimberScan: An AP approval processing and content management software for Sage CRE. It eliminates paper invoicing with a digital workflow for invoice approval. It enables creating notes or comments on individual invoices so everyone is up-to-date on the approval process.

PrintBoss: A check-printing application that prints checks from multiple bank accounts onto blank check paper. This lowers the likelihood of check fraud, and saves you time and money on the check printing process, while leaving you in control of your AP processes.

Why Host Sage with Swizznet?

Cloud-hosted Sage and integrated apps are a winning combination. With Swizznet,

Sage Cloud Hosting means you can use the same desktop version of Sage you’re used to, anytime, anywhere. It works by taking your Sage desktop version, hosting it on cloud servers, then connecting that cloud-hosted Sage to your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. It comes with bank-grade security, and our 24/7/365 Obsessive Support®.

We built-in Sage integrations with dozens of the top apps, including the ones listed in this blog post, in support of our mission to unleash your productivity.

Don’t just take our word for how great we are. Here’s what our customer Dennis Fiedner of CFO on the go has to say about Swizznet:

“CFO on the go is a partner for the Sage Construction software solution and supports over 1,800 clients. This is the only cloud provider that we would recommend.”

Ready to talk about Sage Cloud Hosting for your finance or accounting needs? Contact our Obsessive Support® to request a quote, free demo, or to get started on the cloud today!

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