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Managed Security

We’ll help you develop and implement the right cybersecurity policies and protocols to keep your firm secure and in compliance with regulatory guidance

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Managed Security

We’ll help you develop and implement the right cybersecurity policies and protocols to keep your firm secure and in compliance with regulatory guidance

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In the intricate world of accounting, the security of sensitive financial data is not just a necessity; it’s the cornerstone of trust and professionalism. With the rise in digital dependency, accounting firms are increasingly at risk of cyber threats, making robust security measures more crucial than ever. We are excited to announce our upcoming webinar: Accounting Firm Security: Real Experiences and Lessons Learned.

Security in Accounting: A Non-Negotiable Imperative 

Accounting firms handle a plethora of confidential data daily. The security of this data is pivotal to maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of these firms. In our upcoming webinar, we delve into why stringent security is indispensable in today’s digital-first world. 

Understanding the Gravity of Security Neglect 

Our webinar will kick off with a hard-hitting overview of what happens when security takes a backseat. We’ll explore real-world consequences and bring to light the critical nature of cybersecurity in the accounting domain. 

EDR – Your Shield Against Cyber Threats 

What is EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), and why is it crucial for accountants? We’ll dissect this technology and demonstrate how it’s a game-changer in preempting and combating cyber threats. 

Horror Stories from the Accounting World 

Get ready for some eye-opening real-life stories. From phishing emails to disgruntled employees wiping out customer files, these tales are a cautionary reminder of what can go wrong and how it can impact an accounting firm drastically. 

Visory’s Role in Fortifying Your Defenses 

Visory doesn’t just offer an EDR solution; it offers peace of mind. Learn how their proactive approach can protect your firm from looming cyber dangers, ensuring that you’re always a step ahead. 

The Importance of Regular Backups and Secure Document Storage 

Backups aren’t just a safety net; they’re a necessity. We’ll share harrowing tales of data loss and how regular backups and secure document storage can be lifesavers for your firm. 

Empowering Your Team: The Human Factor in Cybersecurity 

We emphasize the critical role of employee awareness in creating a security-conscious culture. Regular training can transform your staff into the first line of defense against cyber threats. 

Conclusion: Cultivating a Culture of Security 

Our webinar will wrap up with a recap of the discussed horror stories and the pivotal lessons learned. We’ll reinforce the importance of proactive security measures and how cultivating a security-conscious culture within your accounting firm is not just beneficial but essential. 

Don’t Miss This Opportunity 

Join us on December 13th for an enlightening session that promises to transform your approach to cybersecurity in accounting. To secure your spot, click here. Prepare to equip your firm with the knowledge and tools it needs to thrive securely in the digital age. 

Secure Your Firm’s Future Today 

In a world where cyber threats are ever-evolving, staying informed and prepared is your best defense. We look forward to your participation in this essential webinar, where securing your firm’s data is our top priority. 

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