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Managed Security

We’ll help you develop and implement the right cybersecurity policies and protocols to keep your firm secure and in compliance with regulatory guidance

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Managed Security

We’ll help you develop and implement the right cybersecurity policies and protocols to keep your firm secure and in compliance with regulatory guidance

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Imagine being able to access all of your construction firm’s most critical online management tools, from financials to estimating software, on any job site. Swizznet’s managed IT services and cloud hosting specifically for the construction industry makes this a reality.

Swizznet’s SwizzStack managed IT services pair leading-edge SageCRE hosting technology with Obsessive Support® and enterprise-grade security, providing construction managers and employees in the field with unparalleled Sage cloud hosting. This integral on-site access would be impossible to deploy and maintain on your own without significant financial and human resource investments.

Swizznet’s construction firm clients receive unlimited access and worry-free IT, 24/7. 

With Swizznet’s Sage cloud-hosting services, your team’s productivity will increase exponentially no matter where they are working. The ease of use is equivalent to working on their desktop systems, which means fewer inaccuracies and missed deadlines. Not to mention crew members who can be more focused and engaged because they don’t have to deal with the drag of downtime away from their construction management suite.

Consider the case of one Swizznet construction firm client who can confidently attest to the productivity and peace of mind making the transition to Swizznet has enabled: “Our company successfully transitioned to the cloud and our team members agree that it’s just like working from their own desktops. Plus, it is amazing how much faster our applications run.”

In addition, this client is thrilled that their IT department has saved between $5,000 and $6,000 on hardware and maintenance costs. This general contractor’s accounting team also benefits from 24/7 support of a truly end-to-end solution including Office 365.

Swizznet + Sage Raise the Bar for Cloud-based Construction Management Systems

Undoubtedly, Sage CRE software is considered the gold standard and continues to be the leading construction and property management accounting and finance software. Swizznet is on par with Sage as a partner solution for seamless and secure managed IT and hosting services with a support team well-versed in Sage and how to build an IT infrastructure perfectly suited to the needs of construction firms.

Add Swizznet and Sage together and your construction firm will leverage benefits not available with any other combination of managed IT and construction-specific accounting software:

  • Unlimited scale and business growth. If your construction firm is using Sage 100 Contractor, 300 Construction and Estimating, you know that you can add more team members with these comprehensive business management tools, with the addition of Swizznet, you can scale to the next level by providing a turn-key secure solution with anytime, anywhere access and zero IT stress.
  • Stress-free security and best-in-class IT services. Swizznet eliminates the IT headaches of managing your own server in-house. You get enterprise-grade PCI and HIPAA-compliant technology with next-generation security and 24/7/365 obsessive support.
  • A decade of dedicated Sage support and service. Swizznet has been partnering with Sage software and their certified partners for over 10 years to provide the best-of-breed and best value hosted platform to over 3,000 CRE industry-specific customers. Having cloud-hosted Sage 300 CRE with Swizznet allows anytime, anywhere user-based access for your entire organization from leadership to accounting to remote field users.

It’s easy to see why Sage named Swizznet a Partner Cloud Strategic Hosting Provider. Swizznet is the best at delivering a comprehensive solution for managing all your business needs.

Beyond these benefits, Sage can also save your construction firm money. Managing an on-premise server is not just a one-time cost. There are licensing maintenance and support costs that add up each year. Swizznet’s ROI tool can show you how you will save thousands by moving to a private server hosted by Swizznet. You can calculate your savings with Swizznet’s ROI tool or for more in-depth information, contact the Swizznet team.

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