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Obsessive Support®

The hallmark of the Visory experience, our dedicated team of professionals provides a high degree of support for all your IT needs

Managed Infrastructure

Leading edge solutions that are always working to maintain the integrity of your firm’s IT backbone

Managed Security

Best in class security to protect your firm’s data and technology

Microsoft Resource Center

Tips, advice, and industry insight from our team of accountants and business owners to yours.

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Application Hosting
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QuickBooks Online

Bypass the wait time and access Visory’s Obsessive Client Support®


Take your business to new heights with Visory’s flexible QuickBooks hosting solutions


The same Sage you work in every day, only better


An affordable CRM for small- and medium-sized businesses, built to support your sales, marketing and customer service needs


Revolutionize your next tax season with added efficiency and mobility

Liscio Client Communication

Liscio mobile app streamlines client communications and makes security automatic.

3rd Party Applications

Access critical applications that are integrated seamlessly into your workflow, conveniently hosted on the same server

Cloud Platforms

Access affordable enterprise-grade hosting solutions with none of the IT burden

Watch your firm grow with the ultimate ease of access, security and flexibility.
Managed Services
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Managed Security

We’ll help you develop and implement the right cybersecurity policies and protocols to keep your firm secure and in compliance with regulatory guidance

Managed Infrastructure

We’re here to manage your firm’s IT activity, safeguarding the integrity of your infrastructure and devices, so you don’t have to

Let’s talk about keeping your business and your data secure.
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Managed Security

We’ll help you develop and implement the right cybersecurity policies and protocols to keep your firm secure and in compliance with regulatory guidance

Zero Trust

Security that ensures everyone granted access is who they claim to be

Awareness Training & Testing

Educate and train your most important last line of defense – your people with Visory and industry-leading KnowBe4.

End Device Protection

Protection where people and their machines intersect

Multifactor Authentication

Secure access to your data with multiple verification checks on identity, reduce the risk of compromise, prevent cyberthreats

Written Information Security Plan (WISP)

Get started on a robust security plan with a WISP for your business

No firm is too big or too small for a data breach or a cyberattack. Let’s talk about your security.
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Tax & Accounting

IRS 4557

Other Businesses

Complying with state and federal privacy regulations and more

Contact us to learn more about how we keep your business safe and in compliance
QB Desktop, QBO

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Sentinel One

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Imagine you have a traditional office setup with physical infrastructure like computers, servers, and telephone systems. Virtual Office services take this concept to a whole new level by eliminating the need for physical infrastructure and moving everything to a secure, online environment.

When you partner with a managed services company for Virtual Office services, they handle all the technical aspects for you. Here’s what you can expect:

Data Storage and Accessibility: Instead of storing your files and documents on physical servers within your office, the managed services company securely stores them in the “cloud.” The cloud is like a virtual storage space that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s like having a virtual filing cabinet that holds all your important files, making them accessible to you and your team whenever and wherever you need them.

Email and Collaboration Tools: The managed services company sets up email services for your business in the cloud. This means that instead of relying on a physical email server, your email communication is handled securely and efficiently online. They can also provide collaboration tools, such as shared calendars, document sharing, and project management platforms, which allow your team to work together seamlessly, regardless of their physical location.

Virtual Desktops: In a traditional office, you have individual computers for each employee. With Virtual Office services, the managed services company creates virtual desktops for each employee in the cloud. These virtual desktops function just like physical computers but are accessed through the internet. This setup allows employees to log in to their personalized desktop from any device, whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone. They can access their files, applications, and tools, ensuring a consistent and productive work experience no matter where they are. The exciting part is that the virtual desktop looks exactly like the original desktop with a few variations. The point is it’s seamless, and the endpoint is managed by the IT company to keep you secure.

IT Support and Maintenance: The managed services company takes care of all the technical aspects of your Virtual Office setup. They handle software updates, security patches, and system maintenance behind the scenes, ensuring that your virtual environment is up-to-date, secure, and performing optimally. If any technical issues arise, they provide IT support remotely to resolve them promptly, so you don’t have to worry about troubleshooting or downtime.

Scalability and Cost Savings: One of the great advantages of Virtual Office services is that they are highly scalable. As your business grows, the managed services company can easily add or remove resources from your virtual environment to accommodate your changing needs. Additionally, Virtual Office services can be cost-effective for small businesses because you no longer need to invest in expensive physical infrastructure, ongoing maintenance, or upgrades. Instead, you pay for the services you need on a subscription basis, which can be more affordable and predictable.

In summary, Virtual Office services provided by a managed services company offer you a modern and efficient way to operate your business. By moving your infrastructure, data storage, email, and collaboration tools to the cloud, you gain flexibility, accessibility, and scalability while reducing the costs and technical burdens associated with maintaining physical IT infrastructure. It allows you and your team to work remotely, access files and tools from anywhere, and receive reliable IT support to keep your business running smoothly.

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